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IronRefs Database (被污染地下水的zero-valent metals 处理)



     The University Consortium Solvents-In-Groundwater Research Programme

     This bibliographic database on contaminant remediation with zero-valent metals is a by-product of research in this area by the group of Paul Tratnyek. It first appeared, in 1996, as a simple list of references (at To provide a more powerful resource for those working in this area, the list was replaced with a searchable database in December 1998.

The database is intended to include all directly relevant research papers, most of the relevant "gray" literature, and a few of the more substantial news articles on this topic. In general, publications that qualify must be (i) relevant, (ii) substantial in content, (iii) in the public domain, and (iv) readily retrievable.

There are some ambiguities. For example, conference proceedings with extended abstracts are included, but those that only have short abstracts currently are not included. Another example: we have included all publications that make explicit mention of zero-valent metals in remediation applications (no matter how minor the role in the publication), but we have exluded many papers on corrosion of zero-valent metals that make no mention of environmental remediation applications and we have even left out a few papers on groundwater remediation with in-situ treatment walls that make no mention of zero-valent metals. For now, no "in prep" or "in press" manuscripts are included.

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2001-09-24

Last updated by 杨宏伟 on 2005-06-27

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