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NIST Chemistry WebBook



     NIST Standard Reference Database Number 69

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

     The November 1998 release of The NIST WebBook is the fifth edition of the NIST Chemistry WebBook. It contains thermochemical data for over 5000 organic and small inorganic compounds, reaction thermochemistry data for over 8000 reactions, IR spectra for over 5000 compounds, mass spectra for over 10,000 compounds, electronic / vibrational spectra for over 3000 compounds, constants of
diatomic molecules (spectroscopic data) for over 600 compounds, Ion energetics data for over 14,000 compounds, and thermophysical property data for 16 fluids There are many avenues for searching the database. Structures are given for most species, as well as common and commercial names.

Partial formula
CAS registry number
Structure based
Ion energetics
Vibrational and electronic spectra
Molecular weight

     Neutral Thermochemical data compiled by H.Y. Afeefy, J.F. Liebman, S.E. Stein
Condensed Phase Heat Capacity data compiled by E.S. Domalski, E.D. Hearing
Ionization Energetics (IE, AE) data compiled by S.G. Lias, H.M. Rosenstock, K. Draxl, B.W. Steiner, J.T. Herron, J.L. Holmes, R.D. Levin, J.F. Liebman, S.A. Kafafi
Ionization Energy data evaluated by S.G. Lias
Negative Ion Energetics data compiled by J.E. Bartmess
Proton Affinity data compiled and evaluated by E.P. Hunter, S.G. Lias
Vibrational and Electronic Energy Level data compiled by M.E. Jacox
Vibrational Frequency data compiled by T. Shimanouchi
Constants of Diatomic Molecules compiled by K.P. Huber, G. Herzberg
Organometallic Thermochemical data compiled by J. A. Martinho Sim鮡s
Heat of Sublimation data compiled by J.S. Chickos
Boiling Point data compiled by R.L. Brown, S.E. Stein
Henry's Law Constants compiled by R. Sander
Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems by E.W. Lemmon, M.O. McLinden, D.G. Friend
UV/Visible Spectra compiled by V. Talrose, E.B. Stern, A.A. Goncharova, N.A. Messineva, N.V. Trusova, M.V. Efimkina
Names, Structures, Mass and IR Spectra data compiled by NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Center, S.E. Stein director

WebBook system developed by P.J. Linstrom
General Editor W.G. Mallard

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Summary by 李晓霞 on 1999-12-28

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2005-11-23

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