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美国化学会会志JACS创刊125周年纪念与回顾 (1879 - 2002)




"It is the best of times because electronic publishing, afforded by the spectacular advances in information technology and the Internet, allows rapid, easy, and mass distribution of information by essentially anyone and everyone with a PC. Electronic publishing and the World Wide Web represent the biggest revolution in publishing and the dissemination of ideas since Johannes Gutenberg invented the modern printing press IN 1455. None of us envisioned or even dreamed just a score of years ago that we could have instant access to billions of documents with just a few clicks on our laptop. As an example of this remarkable development, JACS is one of the very first scientific journals to have all of the volumes in its vast archive retrospectively digitized and accessible online. The tools and capabilities have already altered the manner in which scholarship and research are conducted, processed, and disseminated and the way in which students learn."

"It is the worst of times in publishing because we are overwhelmed with information and by the rapid changes afforded modern technology in this information age. Much of it is unwanted and intrusive, certainly in our everyday lives and often in our scientific endeavors. Moreover, the speed of change at times taxes our ability to deal with it in a deliberate, thoughtful manner. Specifically, the problem with the information glut, including potential unrestricted online publication, is separating the valuable, reliable, and useful results from mountains of data and information. To put it in scientific terms, how do we extract the signal from the large amount of ever-present noise

  Journal of the American Chemical Society
  美国化学会会志JACS发表的125篇被引用最多的论文 (全文免费)
  Peter J. Stang (美国化学会会志JACS主编, 2002-)

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