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"厨房里的化学", 美国化学会国家化学周项目


     The web is a part of National Chemistry Week(NCW) in 2000, which is supported by American Chemical Society to improve the common sense of chemistry in public and evoke interests in chemistry. This web is designed by Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry class, who focus on the main ingredients of various food and food additives. For each food or additive, it offers the chemical structure and properties, together with the notes on usage and links to referrence materials. Additionally, the links to the NCW2001 Project, NCW2002 Project and NCW2003 Project are available.


Mark Draganjac
Professor of Chemistry
Arkansas State University
Box 419
State University, AR 72467

Phone: (870)972-3087 ext. 206
Fax: (870)972-3089

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