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Wellcome Wing (伦敦科学博物馆的系列互动式科普教育)


     The world's leading centre for the presentation of contemporary science and technology, the Wellcome Wing explores the latest ideas and issues in a series of thought-provoking interactive displays. The contents are as the following as:

In Future: In future will invite you to glimpse a series of imaginary futures created out of decisions that you make about uses of new discoveries and innovations.

Digitopolis: Through today's high-speed comnputers, digital technology is changing the world. Explore this technology, find out why it's so powerful and where it might be heading.

Who Am I: Who am I? is about your favourite subject: yourself. Find out what new discoveries in genetics, psychology and brain science is saying about who you are.

Antenna: Antenna is a world first - a constantly-updated exhibition devoted exclusively to science and technology news. It's the place to get up to date.

Talking Points: A striking collection of twelve exhibits, each of them easy to grasp but hard to forget.

Pattern Pod; The Science Museum's latest hands-on gallery, about patterns in today's science.

3D tour:Explore the Wellcome Wing in 3D.


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