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     Since the Belgian dioxin-chicken crisis in 1999, the kaolinitic clay contamination with dioxins and the citrus pulp contamination with dioxins, consumers’ concern exists about the safety of food. The key-contaminants causing the concerns in these crises were dioxins and PCBs.

The EU has decided to start two new research projects in which alternative methods for dioxin analysis will be further developed and validated. The DIAC project (Dioxin Analysis using Comprehensive Gas Chromatography) will focus on the development of a comprehensive gas chromatographic (GCxGC) method for the quantification of dioxins in different matrices at appropriate detection levels as alternative for HRMS. The project has started at 1 October 2001 and will last for 30 months. The DIFFERENCE project (Dioxins in Food and Feed - Reference Methods and New Certified Reference Materials) will focus on the development, optimisation and validation of alternative (screening) techniques for analysis. These techniques should allow a reliable, simple and low-cost determination of dioxins and PCBs in order to guarantee a widespread implementation throughout the EU.


dr. P. Leonards
Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research (RIVO)

Tel: +31 255 564797
Email: Pim Leonards

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