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     This freely accessible Web site gives research professionals working in a variety of occupations an invaluable tool to identify individuals, departments and laboratories that have made fundamental contributions to the advancement of science and technology in recent decades. reveals the face of research--the people behind the accomplishments in 21 broad subject categories in life sciences, medicine, physical sciences, engineering and social sciences. These individuals are the most highly cited within each category for the period 1981-1999, and comprise less than one-half of one percent of all publishing researchers. will grow to include the top 250 preeminent individual researchers in each of 21 subject categories who have demonstrated great influence in their field as measured by citations to their work--the intellectual debt acknowledged by their colleagues. The information for each researcher is as follows:

Biographical information: education, faculty and professional posts, memberships and/or offices, current research interests, and personal Web sites.

Full listing of publications: journal articles, book or book chapters, conference proceedings, web sites and other Internet resources

You can:

Search for the top researchers by name, category, country, or institutional affiliation

Track research trends through literature references using links to and through the Web of Science

Learn about or stay current on the research authorities and trends in a number of fields

Identify key individuals, departments and laboratories

Locate colleagues and experts

Discover new dimensions of a researcher's work

Show students the development of scientific ideas

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