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UMBBD - PPS (生物催化/生物降解数据库,化合物降解途径预测)



     The University of Minnesota

     This database contains information on microbial biocatalytic reactions and biodegradation pathways for primarily xenobiotic, chemical compounds. The goal of the UM-BBD is to provide information on microbial enzyme-catalyzed reactions that are important for biotechnology.

The reactions covered are studied for basic understanding of nature, biocatalysis leading to specialty chemical manufacture, and biodegradation of environmental pollutants. Individual reactions and metabolic pathways are presented with information on the starting and intermediate chemical compounds, the organisms that transform the compounds, the enzymes, and the genes. The present database has been sucessfully used to teach enzymology and use of biochemical Internet information resources to advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and is being expanded primarily with the help of such students.

Lists of 101 pathways; 687 reactions; 614 compounds; 425 enzymes; 274 microorganism entries; 49 organic functional groups; 73 reactions of naphthalene 1,2-dioxygenase; 108 reactions of toluene dioxygenase; Graphical UM-BBD Overview; and Other Graphics (Metapathway and Pathway Maps and Reaction Mechanisms).

The UM-BBD Pathway Prediction System predicts microbial catabolic reactions using substructure searching, a rule-base, and atom-to-atom mapping. The system is able to recognize organic functional groups found in a compound and predict transformations based on biotransformation rules. The biotransformation rules are based on reactions found in the UM-BBD database or in the scientific literature.


  生物化学 - 元素周期表(BPT)
  PathPred (酶催化代谢途径预测)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2000-09-19

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