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塑料工程师学会 (SPE, Society of Plastics Engineers)


     The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) is a network of plastics professionals around the world promoting the knowledge and education of plastics and polymers. Our goal at SPE is to help you increase your knowledge and value as a plastics professional. Membership in SPE is designed to help you further your career in the plastics industry by keeping you up to date on the latest breakthrough technologies as they happen, and by encouraging you to be an active member in the ever expanding plastics industry network. SPE is dedicated to helping you attain higher professional status through increased scientific, engineering, and technical knowledge.

SPE History
The Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc., was originally incorporated by the State of Michigan on January 6, 1942 as the Society of Plastics Sales Engineers. At the time there were 120 members in good standing. On August 21, 1942, the name was officially changed to the Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc.
SPE has become the recognized medium of communication amongst scientists and engineers engaged in the development, conversion and applications of plastics. It is truly an international Society since a significant number of its members reside outside the United States.

Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc.
PO Box 403 Brookfield,
CT 06804-0403 USA
Tel: 203/775-0471
Fax: 203/775-8490

  Polymer Engineering & Science
  Journal of Injection Molding Technology
  Journal of Applied Medical Polymers (JAMP)
  Polymer Composites
  Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology (JVAT)
  Society of the Plastics Industry (塑料工业学会SPI) (工业标准在线定购服务)
  American Concrete Institute (美国混凝土学会ACI)

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